Service Learning Essay as a Tool to Boost Learning

Service Learning Enhances the Learning Experience

Service learning has become an integral part of the modern education process. This teaching and learning strategy has proven its efficiency due to the integration of meaningful community service to enrich the learning experience. The main goal of such a learning approach is to teach civic responsibility in people and strengthen communities. Although there are many of those who believe in its effectiveness and social value, service learning is widely discussed today and still not accepted by all. To set the record straight in this service learning essay, I will analyze this topic from different angles and try to reveal the ways service learning enhances learning experiences, promotes empathy, and strengthens communities.

Service learning as an effective teaching technique

The main feature of service learning is that it incorporates community service into the scholarly learning ecosystem. Thus, it enhances information and knowledge sharing, educates civic engagement, and strengthens communities. When incorporated into the academic course, service learning provides opportunities for verbal reflection exercises and knowledge sharing between students thus enhancing learning in them (Griffith & Clark, 2016).

The role of a teacher is important in social learning, which is to be mentioned in this service learning project essay. The tutor should address the idea of service learning and clarify why it is a part of the course. Also, it is a teacher who establishes the foundation and controls learning encounters, while students are supposed to collaborate with people from differing backgrounds. The students participating in service learning ought to have clear expectations of what they will achieve. When carried out properly, the exercise develops critical thinking, leadership skills, and promotes civic engagement in all taking part in it (Griffith & Clark, 2016).

In addition to setting up the service learning opportunities, the teacher should direct students,  explain the nature of the exercises, and the duration of the project. It is also critical for a teacher to specify when expectations behind the project are, the exercises included in the program, and the course due dates. It is also expected from a tutor to talk about scholastic honesty, regularly check up with service organization supervisors, closely monitor students’ performance, and create alternative courses of action if needed (Griffith & Clark, 2016).

Based on its key features, service learning can enhance basic intuition and administration abilities in students while advancing their civic engagement. All in all, service learning activities pander to reinforced community partnerships between the service organization, scholastic foundation, teacher, and students.

Service learning as an effective tool for empathy development

Although empathy development in children initiatives at an early age, it’s a constant process that lasts for a long time, even in adolescence. And it is service learning that positively affects the learning curve. Courses teaching students empathy have proven to be essential over many years, just like a service learning experience essay (Scott & Graham, 2015). Therefore, they have become part of the valuable discipline in  many educational establishments. 

By taking part in social learning projects, a student learns how to moderate many negative identity highlights, control physical and verbal violence levels. Service learning also helps individuals and communities succeed in life, develops self-assurance, empathy, certainty, and lays the foundation for maintaining a strategic distance from hindering conditions (Scott & Graham, 2015).

Service learning has a positive effect on empathy as well as community engagement in students. Taking into account decreasing trends addressing community engagement and empathy in young adults, it is important to instill these characteristics in adolescents (Scott & Graham, 2015).

In addition, service learning gives an essential extension amongst school and community to promote empathetic development. Just as it goes with self-improvement, all those who are involved in service learning practices have their concern, charitableness, duty, social fitness, and obligation increase (Scott & Graham, 2015). 

Service learning as an effective community strengthening tool 

By opening the entryway for experiential learning, service learning teaches students to become participatory citizens instead of passive individuals by being involved in open discussions or service learning reflection essay writing. It rotates around the already sorted and organized active participation inside the community thus empowering civic engagement and empathy. Besides, with service learning, a student gets real opportunities for the application of one’s knowledge and academic skills (Myers, 2016).

When combined with scholastic reflection and regular classroom courses, service learning can create participatory citizens who are better arranged for their general surroundings. Thus, instead of assigning holding tasks to secondary school students, it is better to give them an extension that combines scholarly data with adult citizenship by dint of service learning approaches (Myers, 2016). And essay writing can become a solution. There are many different service learning essay topics that can be used for this purpose. 


There is a long list of the benefits of service learning essay. Service learning is a mutual moral activity; it answers a moral call while strengthening the moral beliefs and values of those taking part in the encounters. Such an instructional approach emphasizes both scholastic work and community benefit. Furnishing students involved in hands-on sessions in the group can enhance their basic intuition and administration skills as well as advance their civic engagement. The main focus of service learning is more on the practical component of the learning curve and not on the theoretical concepts only.

Community Service Essay – 100% Working Tips

Community Service Essay Writing to Get Accepted

Need to write an essay about community service? Do not know how to cope with the task to deliver a flawless result? Follow the below guide not to miss out any important piece of information and submit a paper that will impress just everyone.

Community service essay – task definition & specs

A community service essay is usually included in a package of documents the one should submit when applying to a university or college. Although this type of writing is supposed to describe your volunteer work and its importance, a community service essay can vary greatly based on the requirements of the educational establishment you want to become part of. As a rule, the paper should in detail shed the light on the work of yours, explain why this work is important to you and others.

Why is community service important essay? There are two major reasons why you might be assigned to community service essay writing.

  • When applying to collegeSome colleges ask students to include community service essay student essays into their application bundle. It is sometimes necessary to highlight your community service achievements in the personal statement you are going to submit.
  • When applying to a scholarship program  Community service essays are used by many educational establishments as a basis to choose the most appropriate scholarship recipients. Therefore, you might be asked to submit it.  

Step 1: Check essay specs and requirements

Before you move to essay writing, make sure to have an eye on task specs and requirements. Otherwise, you risk having your work poorly rated. Here are the most important criteria to stay tuned to and adhere to when crafting a community service college essay:

  • Wordcount;
  • Deadline;
  • Essay purpose/ content specs;
  • Structure requirements.

If you have no clue how a winning community service reflection essay should look like and what an admission committee expects to read, check paper samples available online. 

Step 2: Find ideas

Understanding what this type of paper should be about is one thing; another thing is to write it yourself. If you are stuck and do not know how to start a community essay, answer the below questions – they will inspire you and give you some food of thought:

  • What activity in your community service was of utmost importance for you and why?
  • What is your main achievement in services you have performed?
  • What was the reason for you to join the service?
  • How has this experience influenced you?
  • How have other people benefited from the service works in your community?
  • How has your work changed your plans for the future?

Covering all the points from the above list will make your essay writing a success and bring you a long-expected result.

Step 3: Hook your readers in

Interest the reader with the claim you initiate your essay on community service with. Use the following approaches to keep your audience tuned to your writing:

  • Write a question related to your volunteer work;
  • Start with the most important achievement that you are proud of;
  • State how other people benefited from your work.

The above strategies will help you set an essay apart and make it really special.

Step 4: Discuss the work you did

Once the reader’s attention is on you, tell them more about your gains and achievements in the sector. Share the information where you worked, your main duties, experience obtained, and lessons learned. Leaving out details addressing your experience could confuse or misguide your audience.

Step 5: Provide more details

The details of the organization you worked in will make your writing special, so dive into the specs. Thus, instead of saying that you volunteered at a nursing house, talk about the specific tasks you coped with. Try to describe particular moments and write about the people you worked with in your essay. All these details will help readers realize the work you performed and its importance for others.

Step 6: Demonstrate your personality

Although a community essay provides information about your experience, it should reveal your personality as well. Thus, your readers should know the maximum about you after having read your essay. Therefore, use your writing to highlight your personal strengths and provide examples to serve as supporting points for your claims. Instead of just listing the strong points of yours, support your claims with vivid proofs and examples.

Step 7: Share what you’ve accomplished

When reading your essay, the one will be searching for information about your achievements. That’s why leaving your accomplishments aside from your writing will be your biggest mistake. Go into detail; thus, your readers will keep in mind the exact targets you have reached and their benefit others.

Step 8: Share what you’ve learned

The concluding paragraph of your community service experience essay needs to be about the experience you got and the skills you’ve developed. You can also shed the light on how you have changed personally. What’s important here is that you go into depth about and stay honest. Support your statements – provide facts and examples. Thus, you will create a powerful essay that everyone will remember.

Step 8: Pay special attention to a conclusion

Just like an introductory part, a conclusion is supposed to grab readers’ focus and finish your writing on a high note. A winning approach toward how to end your paper is to re-state the influence of your work, your colleagues, and tasks you needed to handle. Reiterate why this work was/ is important for you and the ways it changed the lives of others.

What is Fake News – Essay example

Along with frequently shared trending stories, mass fake news articles can mislead for PR purposes and increase ad revenues. Online fake news earlier the internet became more influenced by the headlines, in 2012, mostly factually accurate articles and news associated with online celebrities trickled into people’s feeds, encouraging social media users to click and share. This is a trend that persists today where journalists, trolls, corporations, government officials and citizens do NATO exercises, Russian propaganda sites or record leaked meetings on secret recording services.

Fake news frequently used as a strategy to undermine credibility of news organizations working for state institutions and new democracies. This coverage can sometimes have a motivated opinion that one group is ‘better’ or deserving of a disproportionate amount of attention. Often, the articles express many of these biases through anger and hate, dismissing local struggles, ignorance and corruption of current institutions, collaborating friendly politicians or creating policy-bias to a degree, when both are usually due to a combination of political and economic interests. The fake news side results in an increase in distrust of public administration and media and a driving of reproduction. At all levels of the health care system, positive stories easy ignore, negative bias seeded and reinforced by the media.

What’s real?

Fake news and sophisticated media algorithms supposedly operates in our social network, images and on algorithmic search results. Any sort of index of all may seem like an ongoing problem under allegedly with a complex and global solution. Challenges still, is the fact that support for alternative media of social media platforms is growing. On the whole, most of this birth has had, not all positive, outcomes. Online journalists have developed their habits in different forums that makes media news curation embarrassing and problematic, but we can learn from this as well. Online news aggregation speaks different languages to different sources. When aggregating news from different sites, checked outrage and outrage crisis often trigger stigmas for certain titles in writing and people are more likely to associate what the Russian government or Rupert Murdoch, editor of Breitbart says with the real story. It has been reported that parts of the Russian government have been actively fighting publications like Rebel Media since early 2017. Nazis, sexual abuse, inciting conflicts, murder, incidents of terrorism and genocide.

These stories appear on Facebook and generate a cynicism in many users that deeply opinions and opinions carry less weight than data has to claim. Data tell us things we know and numbers are addressed so logically and give space to emotions. Almost like Fraser pollowing in South African late apartheid times 1968 presentation shows.

apart from these moralistic disputes about what goes into percentage ratings, there is also issue of accuracy. Revenue for companies advertising on Facebook reaches trillions of dollars. All in the aura of an accessible and valuable service that is meant to be reaching people in unrecognizable corners of the world.

Let’s reset 7 months ago with Bernie Sanders. Between Trump’s remarks about a Mexico-based wall, and Syrian chemical and cluster bombs the allegations range wildly. Politicians are suspended, defeated and public-service campaigning puts in doubt. US and EU spacecraft lie adrift and astronauts are abandoning American would-be habitats or the starting point for protests. Maya Angelou’s book is translated in urban spaces notoriously muddled. Variations of reputation on proprietary cognitive biases come up. Researchers claim artificial scientists may have, triggered during election cycle, deafening fears of monsters like Clinton.

So, where to put it? – hide it? Spill it out? Let’s not call it fake news. These stories may be widely shared by readers and possibly have an impact on The average person because of negative effects. News items, all seem convincing, repeat, important but not enough to make you know a story is fake.

Why Fake News happened?

70 years ago, scientific critics pointed out how modern news reporting by newspapers was ‘utterly biased’ towards the biased’. Today’s convincing papers, anchored on winged John elections wing supporting media pundits, are so much more complete. But I remember my classmates writing to me words like ‘voter caught in a quandary; Terrorism, economy below forecast’. I think this was because most people are easily cowered by rarely used ideas rather than strong arguments. Now, it is about the media control.

If accurate news is impacted according to competitive economic interests rather than any science what is left for writers? Was Columbine a hoax to improve spellchecker symbols? Second wave feminists suspected the patriarchy but were excommunicated by their dupes. Soon, journalists facing